Lithuania lives the best time

The last autumn evening of this year in Raseiniai came a journalist, director, traveler Rim Bruzh. He shared with the ravens the impressions of the expedition, which found the war ship „President Smetona“, and then a film was created about it. The journalist also told about his latest project, about which little is known about.

In July this year, a sunken warship „President Smetona“ was found in the Baltic Sea, near the banks of the Estonian coast. LRT journalist, documentary film creator participated in a two-week expedition and went to Raseiniai to tell the travel experiences and share the details of the film’s creation on this ship.

Two terabytes of material created and delivered in September for 56 minutes. You can watch the movie „The War Ship of President Smetona“ at LRT Mediatek at any time. Raseiniskiai had an opportunity to listen to the way of this work to the audience from this film operator, as well as the director R. Bružas.

The discovery of the warhead ship „President Smetona“ is a real gift to the Lithuanian Navy, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. This ship has long been the main, most important and largest in the inter-war Lithuanian Army.

„Although the history of the Lithuanian Navy is related to the 16th-17th century, but in principle, I think the beginning begins with the“ President Smetona „, which is why this ship is important“, – in July. The commentator was Norbert Černiauskas, a historian at the University of Vilnius.

R.Bružas, who met Raseiniai Marcelis Martinaitis’ public library with the rabbi, actively encouraged the audience to ask him questions. One schoolchild asked what would lead him and what he plans in the future. „Most importantly, do not go out and go step by step. I do not have big plans, most importantly to raise children, „the director said. „It’s true that I can tell you about the plan already reached.“

More recently, R.Bružas with director Jonas Ohman and Edvardas Špokas, a journalist at the LRT, visited the places where the war was taking place in Ukraine. „Until now I have been in war places, but the war in Ukraine is the most absurd one,“ R.Bruzh told the shocking photographs. The collected material will soon be available through the LRT channel in the new movie „To the end (and a little bit more)“.

R.Bruzh, who finished the narrative about the scourge of war in Ukraine, said: „Lithuania now lives the best time.“

How to become more visible?

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